On-Site Storage

Capturing Energy. Generating Savings.

About On-Site Storage

Our OSS system utilizes capacitor based on-site storage technology to capture and reuse the regen energy of artificial lift systems to reduce the kWh usage and peak demand.  The power generation requirements from utilities are typically reduced by 20%-40% at the well site.


  • Captures the regenerative energy created and unused during pump strokes, temporarily storing the DC Power in the OSS and recycling the energy back through the VSD to the pump motor
  • OSS experiences less than 5% line loss vs. typical line loss of 75% to 95% for AC Regen
  • Does not require additional loads on the same grid to reuse the harnessed energy

40,095,000 kWh saved


On-Site Storage reduces "LOE"

  • 20-40% reduction in peak demand and kWh consumption
  • Minimal incremental Capex by connecting a single OSS to the DC bus of multiple VSDs

What Makes On-Site Storage Unique?

  • Captures unused energy during downstroke.
  • Releases the captured energy during the upstroke.
  • AC power from utility is supplemented resulting in reduced kWh consumption and peak demand.
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Actual Results Connected to 75hp VSD

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