Improve Your ESG Rating

About Environmental, Social & Governance

ESG refers to three key factors that measure the sustainability and ethical impact of a business or company:

  • Environmental criteria measure how a business performs as a steward of the natural environment
  • Social criteria examine how a business manages relationships with employees, suppliers, customers and the communities where it operates
  • Governance focuses on how a company is managed with respect to internal controls, executive remuneration and shareholder rights.

Impact from strong ESG Rating:

  • ESG Risk Management is increasingly influencing both operator and investor decision making
  • Scored relative to sector peers, improved ESG profiles provide material benefits to operators
  • Hydrocarbon producers have limited options to demonstrate “positive” actions in the reduction of their carbon footprint
  • OSS provides an economically attractive path to reduce kWH demand and carbon footprint

Power Sentry’s OSS system helps our customers improve their overall ESG Rating

OSS provides our customers demonstrable energy efficiency through the reduction in both aggregate and peak power demands. When applied on a field-wide basis, the improved environmental profile of lower energy, lower carbon, and lower waste provides our customers with potentially valuable ESG improvements in addition to the pure economic improvements from reduced LOE and improved production update.