Electrical Ride-Through

About Electrical Ride-Through

Power issues in the oilfield are common. Brown outs, sags and complete outages are an inevitable consequence of bad weather and overloaded grids. Power Sentry has developed a solution that provides supplementary power during power disturbances. Our patented Electrical Ride-Through (ERT) technology allows operations to avoid the negative impact of power fluctuations on production systems utilizing Variable Speed Drives (VSD). The Power Sentry ERT system is an industry leader when weighed against its competition. Our systems superior performance will maintain a VSD’s operation where others fail. At Power Sentry, we don’t measure our ability in milliseconds, we quantify success in seconds.


  • Realize incremental production by reducing down-time due to power disturbances, caused by bad weather and overloaded grids.
  • Lower maintenance and equipment replacement costs as a result of nuisance trips or system failures and stop debris settling on top of your downhole pump.
  • Reduce your workforce’s exposure in having to travel to the field to restart a well.
  • Extend the life of your equipment.

How Does ERT Work?

ESP Operation During Utility Disturbances with ERT

Power disturbance graphic - Copy
  • Input power disturbances create power interruptions to VSD.
  • The DC bus voltage of VSD begins to fall.
  • ERT system detects VSD DC bus voltage trend and instantly supplies power for system operation.
  • VSD continues operation at full load during power interruptions.
Power disturbance graphic with ERT - Copy
  • ERT provides energy only when VSD DC bus voltage drops due to input power disturbances.
  • ERT automatically stops providing power when VSD DC bus comes back to normal operation.
  • ERT can be completely isolated from VSD, if needed.

Capability Matrix

ERT Pump Power Backup Capabilities

ERT Cost Calculator

Without ERT

Gross monthly revenue lost Monthly labor and other costs incurred per event Monthly gross profit lost
$0 $0 $0

With ERT

ERT monthly cost ($500 base plus $399 per event) Net monthly savings after ERT cost Net annual savings per ERT cost
$0 $0 $0


Safety is at the forefront of our mind in every task we undertake and ERT is no exception. ERT has been designed to constantly monitor for over voltage, current and temperature conditions. The system also charges via independent circuitry further limiting unnecessary contact with the VSD. The unit complies with all UL requirements and the enclosure is built to NEMA 3R standards. ERT acts entirely as a stand-alone device and only engages when your VSD needs support.