Electrical Ride-Through

On Watch. Powering Through.

About Electrical Ride-Through

The ERT (Electrical Ride-Through) expands our OSS technology to instantly release stored energy to maintain the “bus” voltage requirements of variable speed drives connected to ESPs. It provides supplemental power to ride-through power source fluctuations from utilities that negatively impact ESP applications and production rates. By supplementing lost utility power, the ERT system eliminates costly ESP replacements and lost production from utility re-closure events.


Increasing Production Through Power Management

  • Increases production by reducing down time due to power sags and disruptions
  • Lowers maintenance and replacement costs due to nuisance trips or system failures
  • Extends life of VSD system

How Does ERT Work?

ESP Operation During Utility Disturbances with ERT

ESP Operation During Utility Disturbances with ERT
  • Input power disturbances create power interruptions to VSD.
  • The DC bus voltage of VSD begins to fall.
  • ERT system detects VSD DC bus voltage trend and instantly supplies power for system operation.
  • VSD continues operation at full load during power interruptions.
  • ERT provides energy only when VSD DC bus voltage drops due to input power disturbances.
  • ERT automatically stops providing power when VSD DC bus comes back to normal operation.
  • ERT can be completely isolated from VSD, if needed.