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Mission / Vision

Through focused research and development and world-class execution, our mission is to provide solutions for the everyday electrical and production inefficiencies experienced by our clients. These improvements include electrical savings through VSD management as well as production savings through ESP management.

Our vision is to inspire technological innovation for environmentally-friendly solutions to reduce and supplement power generation requirements.

Board Members

Charlie Leykum
Founding Partner, CSL Capital Management, L.P.

Gerald Cimador
Chief Financial Officer, CSL Capital Management, L.P.

Kent Jamison
General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer, CSL Capital Management, L.P.

Paul Shiverick
Co-founder, Seminole Management Company

Sam Shiverick
Exploration Manager, Marathon Oil

Brent Barbour
Managing Partner, O TX Pumping LLC

Jeff Spath
Head, Harold Vance Department of Petroleum Engineering, Texas A&M University

CSL Capital Management Logo

Power Sentry is in proud partnership with CSL Capital Management, LLC, a Houston-based private equity firm specializing in energy services, equipment, and technology.

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