About Us

Powering Production. Saving Energy.

We offer different solutions based on your power management needs.

Power Sentry, by Raptor Lift Solutions, is a multi-faceted, energy efficient power management system that controls unused energy during the artificial lift process. Our patented technology in our 2 main product lines reduces power generation requirements resulting in lower lifting costs and higher oil and gas production rates and reduces catastrophic failures.

On-Site Storage
Electrical Ride-Through
Electrical Ride-Through

Leadership Team

Devin Moffett, CEO

Kevin Moffett
Chief Executive Officer

Kavan Graybill, Chief Technology Officer

Kavan Graybill
Chief Technology Officer

Arefeen Mohammed, Vice President of Engineering

Arefeen Mohammed
Vice President of Engineering

Mission / Vision

Through focused research and development and world-class execution, our mission is to provide solutions for the everyday electrical and production inefficiencies experienced by our clients. These improvements include electrical savings through VSD management as well as production savings through ESP management.


Our vision is to inspire technological innovation for environmentally-friendly solutions to reduce and supplement power generation requirements.

CSL Capital Management Logo

Power Sentry, by Raptor Lift Solutions, is backed by CSL Capital Management, LLC, a private equity firm, which was founded in 2008, who provides capital to energy services companies.